Q: Is the shelter just a place for someone to spend the night?

A: No. The Shelter is a comprehensive program intended to lead our guests through the process of finding meaningful work and more permanent housing.

Q: What services does the Shelter provide to its guests?

A: Our services include, but are not limited to: an on-site computer with lab requirements to learn computer skills essential to today's job market; access to individual and group counseling, access to mental and physical health care resources; GED classes and testing; assistance with rent and utility deposits and provision of household items and linens; continued guidance and support through the first months of living on their own.

Q: Who can stay at the Shelter?

A: The Shelter currently serves men ages 18 and older. A new facility is being planned to serve women and children as well.

Q: Is there a limit on how long guests can stay?

A: No. As long as the guest remains alcohol and drug free and is making progress toward their defined goals, we will continue to support and guide them to independence.

Q: Are guests required to help out at the shelter?

A: Yes. Each guest has chores to complete each day and each guest is required to volunteer weekly in the community/

Q: Do you receive public funding through local, state or federal governments?

A: No. We are an entirely community supported agency, which is what allows our programs to grow and change along with the needs of our guests and our community, and allows us to honor, celebrate and share our faith.