Quite simply, our goal is to see our guests through to homes of their own. Without an advocate, the steps along the way can be anything but simple. We work one-on-one with each guest to navigate individual challenges and accomplish goals. And 12 years in, we're ready for the next level.

Our dream for a home of our own is finally coming true. The new 4,550-square-foot shelter will allow us to offer our guests every opportunity to build their best future through adequate facilities, new and enhanced education and training programs, on-site collaboration with other agencies, and so much more. With two separate wings, our services can change in response to community need, giving us the option to shelter women, as well.

Our program meets the vital need in our community for a transitional shelter: the gap between an emergency shelter, a 30 to 90-day program focused on getting people into a safe environment, and the point they can acquire and maintain their own home. The new shelter allows appropriate space and privacy for longer stays, alleviating stress and ensuring dignity. It includes meeting and work spaces for a more intensive, holistic approach that recognizes guests as unique individuals, allowing us to more efficiently and effectively assess and meet their needs and increase success.

Be a part of this exciting next step. We are seeking financial and in-kind contributions to finish our campaign and make this dream a reality. In addition to the satisfaction that comes from changing the lives of others, many of whom would otherwise be lost, you can choose to name a guest alcove, room, or even wing of the shelter after yourself or in honor or memory of loved ones. Naming gifts of rooms and spaces range from $5,000 to $60,000, and we would love to discuss additional options for specific amounts you may have in mind.